Looking Forward to 2015

hocscotlogoA very Happy New Year! Here’s to a fantastic 2015!

The return to work after the festive season has already seen a flurry of activity. We have the first meeting of our Executive Group, next week, so we have the usual scramble to get papers together. As you would expect for an initial meeting, we have rather a lot of project establishment documentation for the group to consider. Working collaboratively is at the heart of what we’re doing, so being clear about aims, roles and responsibilities is crucial to the successful delivery of this complex programme of work.

We also have the outputs from the sub-group meetings on Learning and Evaluation to peruse. We’ve tried to keep it succinct, but there’s still a fair amount to read.

So, it’s a busy start to the year and I’m sure that will be a continuing theme, throughout the year.

As for resolutions for 2015, I’m always striving to reach a good balance between time spent in the office, time visiting with projects and time in meetings, so the continued search for a solution to that will continue. Tim says he doesn’t do resolutions, but is keen to make use of the Values Based Reflective Practice material he heard about at the big self management day that he and Graham presented at, at Ayr racecourse just before Christmas.

Oh, and if you haven’t spotted it yet, we are now tweeting away over on Twitter. Give us a follow to keep up to date with all the latest whatnots.

Looking Forward to 2015