Scotlands House of Care in one page….

We have needed to capture all we can about the House of Care on one page – this is our latest attempt…..there will undoubtedly be more


Collaborative care and support planning for people living with multiple conditions

simple House as jpeg

The House of Care provides a simple visual model of a house built around a collaborative care planning conversation between people and their professionals, which then organises care and support around what matters to them and their carers, rooted in the assets of local communities. Building the House of Care requires kind the kind of whole-system transformation needed to recognise the assets, rights and capabilities of people, and place them in the driving seat of their care.

Its values and aims are rooted in a shift from the current curative, compliant approach of health care provision to one that is more suited to people with long term health problems; one that is collaborative, enabling and empowering. This requires an effective and integrated model of health, social and community support.  

The House of Care comes to life when the collaborative skills and leadership of professionals align with local community leadership. Critical to the successful adoption of the House of Care is well supported clinical leadership that enables individuals and communities to co create the necessary conditions for care planning and system wide change. This model also fits well with other important models including Talking Points, including the five and eight models of dementia support and People Powered Health and Wellbeing.

Collaborative care and support planning enables the individual to identify their own goals, develop action plans and link with any support they may need. This support may be from usual traditional services or may make use of less formal community assets.

The Care and Support planning approach supported by the House of Care has been shown to:

  • Support self-management, putting people in the driving seat of their care
  • Improve the coordination of care around each person’s needs
  • Improve both personal and health outcomes for individuals
  • Improve health service use
  • Improve the lived experience of both people and their professionals
  • Keep up-to-date with progress at

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Contact Programme Director : Tim Warren


Scotlands House of Care in one page….

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