Info Burst

logoWe’re still finding our way with the blog, which is often the way at the start of things. Earlier today, for example, Dr Kramer sent out an email that would have worked equally well as a post on here, so I’m converting it into one. It covers a lot of useful reference material that’s all worth a read.

First up is the Holmside story, from the folks at the Year of Care partnership. It’s a really succinct summary of their experiences.

The Kings Fund has a nice critique of the House of Care from Angela Coulter available here. It’s highly illuminating reading.

The Coalition for Collaborative Care in conjunction with NHS England have produced a handbook for care and support planning which has just been released. I’m yet to dive into it, but it seems to have a good, practical focus.

Finally, the Health Foundation has a fantastic resource on Person Centred Care and Self Management, which should provide you with useful ongoing reference material.

Info Burst

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